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2018 Vernon Official Winners Logo for BEST OF THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESS

For the second year in a row I am super proud to have been nominated by my clients for this award and to have won. I was nominated for Best IT Consulting, and look forward to helping more small and medium sized businesses in the future with their IT needs.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Web Design

You want website that lets you interact with your clients, but also gives you a bit more ability to look after the little maintenance things, or even be able to get right in deep with lots of features to interact and build your client base. That or you would like a website, but have no idea where to start or how much you need, and you do not want to go too big, or look too little either. I can help you with your Web Design needs, including helping you get your own domain name, finding a place to host and solutions to deal with email, that are practical and dependable.

System Support

The fact is we need technology in todays world, and without it, we might as well shut our doors because we can't keep up with our competitors. Whether it is an MS Windows, Apple or even a Linux system, I can provide support for you. I can also help with streamlining those mobile devices so you can interact with your bigger devices. Sometimes, you have even bigger computers in the shape of servers and you need help with those. These are all areas I can help.

IT Consulting

Sometimes you just need some advise for what is best for you and your business with your technology needs. The problem is you find salesmen want to sell you what is best for them, and maybe not what you need, and sometimes you do not even really know where to start with your needs. You want to know that your are not going to be stuck into a committed relationship with your IT vendor because they have a configuration that only they know, and even though you pay the bills for it all, they will not let you access it. One of my favourite things, is to help and advise clients on products and solutions that are best for them.

Network Support

We all depend on access to our networks and our internet, and when those stop working, then you want someone who can come in and diagnose and solve those issues. Sometimes you need help setting up a network with internet and maybe even WiFi, and be confident to know it is secure as well. You also want to make sure solutions serve your best needs, and all these places we can help.

Web Hosting

Well you have decided you want a website, or maybe you already have one, but are not very happy with your current hosting solution. I can offer some alternative solutions that are secure, with some great tools to access and deal with your website.

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What are our clients are saying about us?

Recently I experienced a tragic loss of a friend and my IT service provider. During this difficult time many clients needed to move forward with their ongoing files. It was without hesitation that a neighbouring business, Andy Duffy owner of Andy Duffy IT Consulting stepped up to assist all clients thru a difficult transition. One can only imagine the challenge of work loads tripling overnight, with very little background information or very limited access to current file status. Andy Duffy has succeeded in carefully and professionally transitioning these clients to his care or assisted in placing clients with other providers. This shows commitment, skill and dedication to all clients, his or others.

I would absolutely recommend Andy Duffy for all IT services with the assurance of professional high quality service.
Thank you Andy, in a most difficult situation you were a lifeline that I needed.

Fritz Jagert

CEO, Mabel Lake Resort,

Andy Duffy has been our “go to” tech guy for many years now . We can always count on Andy to get the job done in a timely manner, which is exceptionally important when we are running a busy real estate business.  He always has knowledge of the latest and greatest updates for our computers, phones and tablets, and enjoys freely sharing the information to help make us more efficient and effective in what we do as realtors, helping us be better able to assist our clients as a result.   I never worry about my computer being out of commission for too long when I know Andy is only a phone call away.  Luckily for me, he fixed everything so well - it hardly happens! Plus he is fun to have around.  I highly recommend Andy as my favourite IT guy!

Lisa Salt

Realtor, The SaltFowler Team,


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